Are you a worrier? Full of fear about finances, your kids, your health, your job? Well, you’re not alone.  A lot of us suffer from excessive worry, and on a more intense end of the spectrum…fear.   Some of us mistakenly believe that worrying is a good thing; that it brings an issue into focus, thereby helping to resolve it.  It’s true, the issue is brought into focus, but the resolution coming from worry will not be the best one possible.

Worry and fear are lower energy emotions.  They vibrate to a part of your brain that has less access to higher levels of thinking. This lower part of the brain produces the fight or flight response; very helpful to our ancestors fighting off wild animals or an invading tribe, but not often necessary in our modern world.  Consistent worry and fear, which produces too much adrenaline, creates harmful biochemical changes in our body.  This kind of physical duress results in illness, disease and pain.

Did you know that the mind is unable to differentiate between real events and imagined ones?  So just thinking about an unhappy past experience, a violent scene in a movie or other disturbing images will create the same response in your body as the actual event. Listening to jarring music will do the same. A very good reason to monitor what you think, watch and listen to (especially right before bed) and make more peaceful choices.

Experiencing higher vibration emotions such as joy, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and love give you access to much greater wisdom, creativity, clarity and health.  In higher vibration energies, you will be more creative, vibrant, enthusiastic, calm and happy.  Because consciousness creates reality, what you think, speak and feel in the present also determines your future.  So if you want a life of fulfillment, health and peace, it would be a good idea to curb the worry and fear and step into balance.

This simply means paying attention to your thoughts, words and actions.  When you find yourself thinking negatively, STOP, and choose thoughts that are more positive–a wonderful place you’ve visited,  a conversation you enjoyed with a friend, a beautiful sunset over the ocean.  In fact, when you’re steeped in negativity of any kind, it’s helpful to just do something different. Take a walk in nature, ride your bicycle, listen to lovely music, call a good friend, go to a funny movie.  Anything to break the negative cycle and put you on a more positive path.

Becoming conscious of your worries and fears and making an effort to transmute them will benefit you greatly.  Trust me, it’s well worth your effort.

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