I wonder if you’ve heard of the ole cosmic 2 x 4; the cataclysmic event, the catastrophe, the upset you didn’t want to happen that turns your life upside down.  We’ve all had them.  Mine came in the form of my husband’s affair.  Wow. That really knocked me to my knees.

Here’s how the 2 x 4 works: the Universe, in all its benevolence, sends little notices to you, lightly knocking at first with a message that there’s something in your life that needs an adjustment.  Perhaps your relationship hasn’t gone well for quite a while and you do nothing hoping that somehow it will miraculously change.  Or maybe you’re working yourself sick and you just keep right on trucking despite your increasing stress.  Perhaps you’ve ignored a persistent pain in your body rationalizing that it will go away.

When you get a light knock that says “time to change,” you can either take heed and act, or simply slam the door shut, and go your merry (or not so merry) way.  If you choose to ignore the first knock, rest assured there will be others, each one getting louder, more urgent and more painful than the last. Finally, if you’ve ignored all the signs, you get the ole cosmic 2 x 4, a huge bash on the head guaranteed to grab your attention and call you to action.

A painful event in your life is not a punishment from the Universe; rather, it’s meant to be a catalyst to move you forward.  The big event means the change needs to happen sooner rather than later…like NOW.  Whatever that change is, it is essential to your happiness and well being.  Had you paid attention to the first signs, you might have avoided the earthquake and thus traveled more gracefully through the needed change.

Have you had something in your life that you’ve chosen to ignore?  Denial is a nifty mechanism that all of us sometimes use because we’re just not ready to face the truth.  And that’s really okay.  But too much denial for far too long will inevitably spell BIG UPSET.  So, unless you enjoy being bludgeoned by a 2 x 4, it would behoove you to pay attention to the little warnings that show up.  Life just doesn’t have to be as hard as we sometimes make it.

What do you think?  Have you experienced the cosmic 2 x 4? Are you aware that you ignored the little warnings all along the way?  I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi, Janice, thanks so much for the article! I have just been bludgeoned with my personal cosmic 2 x 4, Stage IV Melanoma, a very recent diagnosis with a very poor prognosis and survival expectation. After 46 years of working 50+ hours a week at stressful jobs, I am retiring next week to spend quality time with my wonderful husband and family members. I guess my message around the ‘ole health 2 x 4 is: it can happen in an instant; live every day like it’s your last, show your love and appreciation, enjoy the beauty in the world.

    • Mary, thanks so much for writing and for your very positive message to me and all my readers. I am so sorry about your diagnosis but very happy for you that you are retiring from working so hard and plan to spend quality time with your family. Yes, gratitude, love, joy and living life to the fullest is a wonderful message. Thank you for that reminder to all of us. Attitude plays such a big role in healing and yours is so positive, I know it will go a long way toward bringing good things to you. Again, thank you, Mary. Your message touched me deeply. Janice

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