Happy Valentines Day…or is it??

Hopefully, you’re having a good day…a loving day.  Some of us are. But a lot of us aren’t!  Why?  Because there is so much hype around this day from people who want to sell  us something– chocolates, flowers, expensive dinners– that if we don’t get any of this, it’s easy to fall into depression.

My husband sent out a message today to everyone on his email list.  It was a quote from Byron Katie that says, “Your true nature is love.  There’s nothing you can do about it.”  It’s such a great quote I wanted to pass it onto you.  And how about my sweet husband?  Sending out that message of love made him feel so great!  And it touched me deeper than any “stuff” every could!

That’s the spirit of this day…to follow our true nature in whatever way suits us. So if you’ve fallen into depression because you’ve bought into the marketing hype, then “snap out of it!”  Instead of waiting for love to come to you, send out some love yourself.  I guarantee it will make you feel good.  AND here’s a bonus:  you will be planting future seeds for more love to come your way.  Worth a try?


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