LAUGH! It’s good for you and your relationship!

Laughing is magic!  It adds so much pleasure to your relationship and your life. Yet often we get so caught up in the seriousness of life that we forget to laugh and have fun.  You might be surprised to learn some of the things laughing can do for you:

  • Studies have found that a good belly laugh releases endorphins (chemicals that combat pain and depression) much like a jogger’s high.  So when you’re depressed or in pain, instead of reaching for the anti-depressant or pain killer, have a good laugh.  It’s cheaper and has no negative side-effects.
  • You’ve read how much exercise can do for you, right?  Well, there was a study which found that humor is equal to, maybe even superior to exercise in producing positive psychological changes.  How about that!
  • When you laugh, you’re in the present, which means you’re not worrying about the future or lamenting the past.  Now wouldn’t that be a relief.
  • Want more closeness with your partner?  Laughing and having fun together is a great way to achieve it.
  • Are power struggles ruining your relationship?  Try laughing to diffuse them.  It works!
  • Laughing at yourself when you do something stupid helps you not take yourself so seriously.  Come on…you’re not so bad!
  • Ever get overwhelmed by a problem?  Finding the funny side of it helps you meet the challenge in a more productive way.

If you have gotten away from having fun with your partner, here are some suggestions:

  • Take at least an hour a week and play together.  Do something you both enjoy…take a walk, play a board game, fire up some music and dance, turn on the CD player and sing.
  • Find the fun in everyday life: share things you both find funny like a comic strip that makes you laugh, watch your pet do outrageous things, share the hilarious thing your kid did or said.
  • Seek out entertainment that makes you laugh: rent funny movies, watch fun TV shows, go to the comedy store, see a funny play.
  • With all these benefits, don’t put “fun” on the back burner.  Make sure that laughing and playing is a big part of your life.  You’ll love the benefits they bring.

Check out my book, The Affair: From Breakdown to Breakthrough, A Therapist’s Real-life Journey, for more great tips and insights about relationships. You can read a synopsis of the book on my website, and buy it worldwide from all Amazon websites (both print and Kindle) and Barnes and Noble.

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