Sure-fire way to find your answers!

There is a solution for every challenge.  You might scoff at that statement because you’re dealing with something that so far has eluded resolution.  You’ve done your best, looking to outside sources like books, a trusted friend, a counselor, a seminar, a group, a spiritual leader, and still, no answer.  So now where do you turn?  Well, would you believe me if I told you there is an expert who has a sure-fire answer for you?  And that this expert is at your disposal 24/7? Too good to be true?  Well, turns out, it’s not because the expert is YOU!

Deep inside, beneath the incessant mind noise of your ego, is where your expert dwells.  In this place of sweet silence, your highest wisdom, your own best self, your spirit, your soul, your higher power–whatever you want to call it–your answers can be found.  Sounds good, right?  But how do you get to this still place?

It’s simple, but not always easy.  Try this: think about a transcendent time where you were lifted out of your ordinary life and felt connected to something greater—at one—as some call it. Were you watching a glorious sunset, listening to beautiful music, reading an inspirational passage, walking in nature, meditating, praying, chanting, lovingly petting your dog, swimming in the ocean, doing Tai Chi?  Whatever it was, and for ever how long it was, this is how you get there.  It’s the practice you need to continue to access your internal guidance system.   It’s the state where your intuition takes mastery over your intellect, and whispers its wisdom in your ear.

Don’t expect to get there after one or two times.  It takes practice to become good at this, but if you stay with it, you will no doubt experience the joy of silence where your answers await you.  And even though it takes effort and perseverance, you will find that it’s well worth the effort.

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