Looking for your perfect partner? Here’s a key.

Have you been longing for the love of your life?  Have you set your intention, made your list of all their attributes, joined dating sites, gone out on dates, and yet you’re still alone?  Are you so discouraged you think things like, “It will never happen.  All the good ones are taken. I’m too old (fat, skinny, tall, short) to ever have what I want.”  Well, stop it!  This kind of negative thinking is a huge obstacle to attaining your goal.

Your thoughts are energy and act like magnets drawing to you whatever you consistently think about.  They determine how you hold yourself, how you interact with people, and thus, greatly influence how others respond to you.  “Change your thoughts change your life.”  You’ve heard this, right?  Well, while thoughts are really important, there’s another aspect to this…the FEELING that exemplifies the thought.

Pretend that your lover has already arrived.  Internally feel how amazing it is to be with them.  How happy you are…how loved, safe, and content you feel.  Visualize yourself with your beloved strolling on the beach, laughing and having fun.  Or maybe you’re in front of a cozy fire, talking intimately, caressing, kissing, making love. Mmmm…how great does that feel?  Visualize and feel what it’s like to be so proud when you walk into  a party together.  Feel your admiration for them when they overcome their fear of public speaking and make that speech, or build the beautiful gazebo you’ve been wanting.  Think it, visualize it, feel it, HAVE IT.  That’s the formula.

It works, not only for manifesting your beloved, but for manifesting anything.  How about if you become the biggest magnet around?  Drawing to you whatever you want? Practice and prove to yourself that it works.  You might get discouraged along the way, and if you do, it’s important not to go down the bumpy road of negative thoughts.  Notice them and sweep them away.  They only interrupt and delay the process.  You don’t want that, do you?  Of course not.  I would love to hear how you do with this.  For more information on this subject, read my post “How to find the one.”

Check out my book, The Affair: From Breakdown to Breakthrough, A Therapist’s Real-life Journey, for more great tips and insights about relationships. You can read a synopsis of the book on my website, www.infidelityandaffairs.com and buy it worldwide from all Amazon websites (both print and Kindle) and Barnes and Noble.

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