Do you believe in miracles? Maybe it’s time to start!

Do you embrace the mystery of life? The magic?  Do you believe that you can receive guidance from the Universe if only you ask for it, then open your eyes and ears to receive it?  I do, but that wasn’t always so.  Oh, I believed it happened to other people, but I thought I wasn’t one of the lucky ones.  That all changed one day when something mysterious and otherworldly actually happened to me.

It was during the time that I was going through the painful experience of my husband’s affair.   I was hurting and in shock, and in that state, I would scream out to the Universe for help, not really believing that it would come.  Well, to my surprise, it did.  So what happened?

As incredulous as this sounds, I lost my glasses in one city, and found them in another!  Impossible?  Of course when we are stuck in our everyday mortal way of perceiving life. But there are other ways to perceive the world that go beyond the norm.  Ways that have more to do with our hearts, our intuition, our souls than our intellect.  For most of us, that part isn’t used very much since from the time that we came into this world, it was systematically discouraged out of us.  So we erect walls around it, and turn our attention to what is acceptable to our parents and to society at large.

Well, the day when my lost glasses showed up in another city, I tried hard to logically explain it away.  But try as I might, I couldn’t do it.  There was just no logical explanation for what happened.  Therefore,  I couldn’t deny, diminish or explain it away as I normally did such things.   I had to look from a different perspective…from the eyes of my soul  rather than my brain.  And when I did, I was delighted and awed to accept that something mysterious, miraculous and  wonderful had happened.  To me!

The symbolism of the glasses incident wasn’t lost on me.  “Open your eyes, see beyond where you normally look” was its message. And from that day forward, I did just that and began seeing and experiencing other miracles in my life…some big, some small.  But each and every one carrying a message that offered me guidance, encouragement and love.  I live that way now.  Looking beyond.  Seeing with new eyes; hearing with new ears.  And my life has changed dramatically for the better.  I no longer feel alone in this vast Universe.  I know that all I have to do is ask…and the Universe will conspire to give.  It’s a great feeling!  Have you had any such experience?  Most of us are reluctant to tell because people will think we’re weird, but I would love to hear your story.

Check out my book, The Affair: From Breakdown to Breakthrough, A Therapist’s Real-life Journey, to learn more about the many miracles that the Universe sent my way to help me through my painful circumstance. You can read a synopsis of the book on my website, and buy it worldwide from all Amazon websites (both print and Kindle) and Barnes and Noble.


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