The Affair: From Breakdown to Breakthrough, Available Worldwide in Digital Format

I am happy to introduce The Affair: From Breakdown to Breakthrough, A Therapist’s Real-life Journey.

The Affair… is the book I wish I could have read when I was going through my ordeal.  There were others out there, but none that gave the kind of raw personal detail that The Affair…does, which would have helped me to not feel so alone in my pain and confusion.  It will do that for you.

The ideas and concepts I talk about are useful not only for a relationship crisis, but for any crisis—or no crisis at all.  They are principles by which to live; principles that if practiced, will help you face your challenges from a position of strength leading you to a richer, fuller life.  It’s possible to come out of this explosive situation a stronger, wiser person.  The Affair…shows you how to do that.

So whether you are going through an affair or breakup, wanting to learn relationship skills, or simply seeking inspiration and guidance on your own path of growth, you will find understanding and empowerment through reading my heartfelt story.

The book is now available worldwide from all Amazon websites (Kindle), such as

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