Sarah Ferguson: Has she found herself yet?

I haven’t watched “Finding Sarah” on the OWN network, but I did catch an interview with her on the Joy Behar show, and I have to say that I like the woman. She’s self-deprecating, and has a sense of humor, two things I admire. No doubt, she has screwed up royally (pun intended), but I have to give her credit. I mean, as much as she’s publically humiliated herself, it might have been easy to just fade into the sunset; instead, she’s out there again trying to pick herself up, dust herself off, and start all over again.

There are those who say she’s just a big con artist with this new rehabilitation project, but to me, she seems sincere in her effort to climb out of the muck and the mire and set her life straight. We watch as she trots in and out of Dr. Phil’s office trying to “find Sarah,” and never seem to tire of peeping into her life. I’m sure she’s glad about that because it brings her much needed cash. But how bad can it be when you live in a palace (with her ex-husband), and you can afford to jet off to Thailand to avoid the embarassment of not being invited to the latest royal wedding. And speaking of…heaven help we poor “commoners” as we once again fall for the fairy tale that does not, cannot, will not exist because it’s totally unreal. But maybe that’s the point when reality for a lot of us is not exactly peachy in these trying times.

Okay, Sarah has brought it all on herself…she’s no victim. But I can’t help but feel sorry for her because all of her colossal screw-ups are so public. Did you catch her selling access to Andrew? One of her bigger transgressions… definitely cringe-worthy. But I ask you, who among us would like to be judged soley on the worst things we’ve ever done? I sure wouldn’t. Yes, she did something really dumb, and to someone she apparently loves. She and Andrew are still best friends, so I guess he wasn’t so outraged that he would cut her out of his life, which to me is admirable. I can imagine that he takes heat from that woman who wears those awful hats, better known as the Queen, so good for him for “standing by his woman.”

Why is there still enough interest in Sarah that she warrants a new TV show? Maybe it’s because we ourselves have messed up, and we like seeing someone else do it so we don’t feel so alone in our shame. Or maybe this “royal” thing will endlessly fascinate us, and after idolizing them, watching another of them screw up is just too delicious for us to miss. We build them up, then rejoice when they fall. Are we jealous?

What do you think about Sarah? Is she authentic in her search for herself? Do you think she’s made progress? Do you like her? I would love to hear what you have to say.

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