Lebron James: Another out-of-control ego bites the dust.

The Miami Heat, and most particularly Lebron James, are the latest to have their over-inflated egos take a hit, to the delight of most of America, I might add.  Those of us not living in Miami became avid Maverick fans, not because we particularly liked the Mavericks, but because they were our last hope to bring down this egomaniacal team that, as it turns out, celebrated their championships a wee bit early.

We were glad to see them fall.  Beginning with “The Decision,” then the obnoxious ads when the Big 2 joined the Big 1 to make the Big 3 in Miami and promised that they would win, what was it Lebron said?…five,  six, seven…nine championships?  Uh, not so fast, guys.

I can understand (sort of) how an immature 25 year old who apparently takes his advice from a staff made up of other immature 25 year olds, could make the mistake of believing that we were all so interested in his “decision” that he could prance around, celebrating himself for an hour, while we, glued to our seats, waited with bated breath to hear where he had decided to “take his talents.”  OMG.  It was wrong on so many levels.  To not give his old team, the Cavaliers, who I’m sure must be dancing in the streets about now, a heads up on his decision was horrible.  And then to present himself, the self-proclaimed King on his throne as he did…well, instead of lauding him, we gagged and began hating him.

We don’t like egomaniacs, and we experience great schadenfreude when they are slammed down to the ground.  Not only did the Heat not win, but James, the biggest ego of all, performed timidly, especially in crunch time with the game on the line.  That is not behavior befitting a “king,” Lebron.  Where do you think Magic, Bird, Jordan and Kobe wanted the ball in crunch time?  In their hands!  Where else?

So what about these egos?…Lebron’s (and you can throw in Pat Riley’s too, who could never be accused of being too humble).  It’s simple.  They have to eat a little humble pie.  Granted, we all need some ego.  Especially great athletes who need to believe in themselves.  But when their egos get out of hand, it’s a problem.  Why?  Because an enlarged ego leads to obnoxious, stupid and arrogant behavior like Lebron’s, Tiger’s, Arnold’s, Anthony Weiner’s, Jess James’s and countless others.  Oversized egos inevitably lead to pain, as all of these people can attest.

They aren’t bad people; they’re just too full of themselves.  And it takes something big to get their attention.  Think this was big enough?  Hopefully, Lebron will learn from it.  After all, to go from being beloved for years when he was in Cleveland, to being hated as he is now…well, it’s a big jump.  In the wrong direction.  This kind of pain teaches great lessons.  Let’s hope he gets it.

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