Weiner-gate: Members of Congress should keep their members to themselves.

Congressman Anthony Weiner (as it turns out, an unfortunate name) is the current male laughing stock who thinks that his penis is so interesting that once a woman sees it scantily clad, she just won’t be able to resist him.  Seriously, Congressman?  Let me clue you in about something: we are far more interested in other male attributes—like warmth, having a sense of humor, being truthful, romantic, intelligent, loyal and emotionally mature–than we are your private member.

How could Weiner and others like him jeopardize their marriages, their careers, their reputations, their credibility, for the temporary high they get from sending raunchy texts and photos to young women?  Come on.  On the maturity scale, that’s about the level of a fifth grader….maybe fourth.

Fact is, we in America are a Puritanical bunch.  We get outraged (at least publicly) about these sorts of things.  Privately, we laugh our heads off unless it’s us who has been caught.  Personally, I could care less about what he does with his penis.  I’m more concerned about his lack of judgment, his immaturity, his lies, and last but certainly not least, his gigantic ego that apparently has to be constantly fed by more than one woman.

Should he resign?  Apparently New Yorkers are split on the issue.  One poll found that just 30 percent of respondents want him to resign, while 51 percent want him to stay in office. Actually, I think that’s a good sign.  That we don’t just judge someone on the basis of the stupidest thing they’ve ever done, but we look deeper than that…in this case, to the job he’s doing when he’s not having cyber affairs with random women.

His wife, Huma, is one of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, and apparently she and her husband have turned to the Clinton’s for marital advice.  What better place to turn?  I’m sure Hillary has lots of compassion, as well as advice, for her friend.  And Bill must be cringing with a little deja vu about now, but knows the ropes for getting through land mines without blowing off a foot (or should I say penis?)  Hopefully, they can guide the Weiner’s out of the mess and into brighter days both personally and professionally.

Huma, it’s said, loves her husband very much and will not leave him, and she doesn’t want him to resign.  According to the New York Post, after he  admitted to lying, they holed up in a N.Y. hotel and plotted his return to the political stage.  One would think that they had more important things to talk about—like their marriage—but hey, who am I to judge?

Contained within every upheaval is an opportunity to learn something.  The bigger the upheaval, the greater the opportunity.  This one is pretty darn big, wouldn’t you say?  I just hope they don’t waste the opportunity.  That would be the saddest thing of all.

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