Arnold’s Mistress: Hath thou no shame?

I read somewhere that Arnold’s housekeeper, Patty Baena, the mother of his love child, pursued him.  Yeah, well…so what?  Does that excuse him?  Of course not.  There is no excuse for inexcusable behavior.  But I’m going to put Arnold aside in this post, and focus on Baena  and those like her who pursue rich and famous men, have unprotected sex, voila a kid is made, and the woman and her kid are set for life because the man is obligated to take care of his child.  And oh by the way, guess who else benefits?

Baena is currently retired.  She lives with Arnold’s kid and her other three in a nice four bedroom home with a pool and basketball court, which some say Arnold helped her buy.  Not bad for a housekeeper, wouldn’t you say?  I say shame on her.  Without any consideration for Maria and kids, whom she was reportedly close to, she selfishly did what it took to secure a good life for herself.  The way she did it was immoral, egregious, vile—working for Maria for twenty years, having unprotected  sex with Arnold whenever Maria wasn’t around…in Arnold and Maria’s bed?  I wonder if they would go that far.  Ethics not being their strong suits, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Does this woman feel any remorse?  Does she have just an inkling of compassion for Maria and her kids, or for her own kid that Arnold fathered? What is all the publicity going to do to him?   I saw interviews of people who know this kid and they say he’s really a wonderful boy. Sadly, this will scar him. Through no fault of his own, he is caught up in the turmoil and will have to find his way out.  I wonder if his dad will help him do that?

We see this cycle a lot with pro athletes.  Women throw themselves at these guys hoping for a ring, but if that’s not possible, a baby…his baby, and then, well you know the rest of the story.  I read about one NFL athlete who has five kids…all by different women, and he’s still in his twenties and unmarried.  Jesus!  Have these guys never heard of condoms?  Are they stupid enough to take a woman’s word that she’s on the pill? Apparently so.  Now this twenty-something guy is taking care of five kids whose mothers, I’m sure, are living a far better life than they would have if this kid didn’t exist.  And the beat goes on.

When are these little boys going to grow up?  When are their brains going to rise from below their belts to their heads?  When are these parasite women going to focus on doing something useful with their own lives instead of taking the easy way out?  I hope it’s soon.  It would sure save a lot of suffering.

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