Sarah Ferguson: Did she really blow it?

I caught Fergie on Oprah yesterday and first let me say that I think Oprah is an amazingly wonderful person who has single handedly raised the consciousness of America, and God knows we need it! I love you Oprah.

But let’s talk about Fergie, who said she had everything, and blew it. Au contraire, Sarah. You didn’t blow it. Your soul led you down a path that would give you an opportunity to find yourself. All of the blunders, big and small, were what it took to wake you up so that you would embark upon your inner journey to find YOU. Not the fake you, the devious you, the duchess you, the conniving you, the seeking approval you, the narcissistic you, but the REAL YOU. What a worthy journey!

What did you blow anyway? The chance to be a part of that dysfunctional family? The chance to go to the latest ostentatious royal wedding, which in my opinion is particularly vulgar given the misery that so many people are experiencing in this crumbling world economy? What are the Brits thinking? Why haven’t they gotten rid of this awful anachronism that only exemplifies the terrible caste system in England that obviously still exists. What have these queens, kings, princesses, duchesses, lords and ladies done to deserve their wealth? Nada, nothing, zilch. They were born into it, accumulated off the backs of the British working class, and they should be ashamed.

Sarah, don’t lament for a second that you blew it. A deeper part of you wanted something more than that castle, where you obviously didn’t have the chance to grow. And you still have Andrew as a dear and wonderful friend. Never mind being married to him. That would only put you right back into that stifling environment.

So you have some money problems. So what? So do a lot of people who, by the way, can’t afford to jet off to Thailand when the going gets tough. Money means nothing compared to finding your soul, something all the money in the world can’t bring you.

I say, congratulations, Sarah, for all the really big “mistakes” you’ve made that have led you to your magical journey of self-discovery. You go girl!

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